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Pediatric ppt Lectures

General Pediatrics Collection
ADHD (Coll)
Croup (Dobson)
Head Lice (Gorman)
SIDS (Schmidt)
Adolescent Collection
Adolescents & Drugs (Hutchinson)
Domestic Violence (Abraham)
Eating Disorders (Abraham)
Teen Pregnancy (Adelman)
Cardiology Collection
Endocarditis (Burklow)
The T’s (Burklow)
Chem/Bio Collection
Anthrax (Goldberg)
Nerve Agents (Rotenberg)
Smallpox (Goldberg)
Child Protection Collection
AFCCP Intro (Craig)
Child Abuse & Neglect (USUHS Staff)
Non-Accidental Trauma (USUHS Staff)

Critical Care Collection
Acute Airway Obstruction (Crit Care Staff)
Brain Death (Hoover)
Emergency Asthma (Creamer)
Hemodynamics (Creamer)
PICU Primer I (Creamer)
PICU Primer II (Creamer)
Sedation (Creamer)
Developmental Collection
Rett Syndrome (Dobson)
Endocrinology Collection
Cryptorchidism (Powers)
DKA (Bauer)
Hypothyroidism (Sherman)
GI/Nutrition Collection
Encopresis (Piniero)
Enteral Nutrition (Piniero)
GI Bleeding (Sullivan)
Intussusception (Piniero)
Hematology/Oncology Collection
Thalassemia (Meng)

Humanitarian Assistance Collection
Infectious Disease Collection
HSV (Burnett)
Neonatal Sepsis (Spencer)
Osteomyelitis (Peds ID Staff)
TORCH Infections (Maranich)
Neonatology Collection
Kernicterus (NICU Staff)
Neonatal Cyanosis (Lefkowitz)
Newborn Screening (Lefkowitz)
Nephrology/Urology Collection
Voiding Dysfunction (Roscelli)
Neurology & Neurosurg Collection
Craniosynostosis (Gorman)
Orthopedic Collection
Pulmonary Collection
Tuberculosis (Patterson)
National Capital Consortium Pediatric Residency 
The Walter Reed Army Medical Center

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